Accessibility is a way of life. As you prepare for to aging-in-place, you will need accessible remodeling contractors to help create a home that embraces the accessible life. Many homes will need some changes to continue to provide a safe environment. Creating an accessible home requires replacement of narrow doors, removal of barriers, and installing fall protection products.

If you or your loved one is preparing to age in place, you will need to look for a remodeling contractor who understands the needs of seniors and how a house can be a safe place no matter the age or health of the occupants. Good accessible remodeling contractors will demonstrate that they live the accessible life by showing these 5 habits of accessibility.

They Are CAPS certified professionals (Certified Aging in Place Specialists)

The National Association of Home Builders offers CAPS certifications for remodelers and contractors who put in the time, licensing fees, and voluntary commitments to demonstrate that they provide quality home remodeling services for aging in place. You can find certified home remodelers at the NAHB Directory by selecting for CAPS certification.

This is a significant prerequisite for finding a good home remodller who can help you age in place. Look for accessible remodeling contractors that can be trusted with crafting your home for safety and health.

They Practice the CAPS Code of Ethic

Ethical business practices are essential parts of any business transaction. But, what specific ethical activities set apart a CAPS certified or certifiable contractor apart? Besides the normal commitments to act honestly and put the customers’ needs first, your contractor needs to have the experience and knowledge of what it takes to age in place.

An average contractor understands how to build a bathroom that doesn’t flood, construct walls that keep you warm, and build halls that allow for freedom of movement and conservation of space. A CAPS contractor will also worry about installing quality safety features, removing barriers to movement, and reducing risks of falling.

They Understand the Lifestyle Needs of Your Loved Ones

Aging in place requires more than just a space to live. It requires specific tools in the house, and a community of support to help your loved one live well for as long as possible in their own home. A good contractor will understanding these needs and help you create a long-term living plan for the home.

The best contractor will have the habit of informing you of important things like maintenance schedules, helping you plan the reconstruction of the house, or what the capabilities are of various installed safety features. This turns them from a simple handyman to an expert ally in creating a home for the ages.

They Use Quality Building Materials

A handrail that cannot stay on the wall is more than poor workmanship; it is a danger to anyone who expects it to help in the case of an emergency. A CAPS licensed contractor should follow modern best practices for quality workmanship. But, the best contractor will go beyond quality workmanship to ensure that they are creating something that will keep your loved one safe. And they will use high-quality building materials to do it

They Show Evidence of Trustworthiness

Besides licensing and bonding as a contractor and a CAPS specialized license, is the accessible remodeling contractor show trustworthy? References and testimonials are part of showing trustworthiness. So is an active profile on the Better Business Bureau and other consumer review sites.

When an remodeling contractor habitually demonstrates quality work for home remodels, you know you will be in good hands.

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