Before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, few of us would have worried about toilet paper shortages. Reconsidering your dependency on toilet paper? No problem. A bidet toilet seat will reduce or eliminate the need for toilet paper, which is just one of the many benefits of bidets.This is the best time to upgrade your toilet with innovative technology.

Bidet toilet seats are popular in Europe and Asian nations, and are getting more popular in North America every year. Let’s examine five frequently asked questions about bidet toilet seats:

1. What is a Bidet Toilet Seat and How does it Work?

A bidet toilet seat replaces your existing toilet seat and is used to wash yourself after using the toilet. Connected to a clean water supply, a push of a button releases a stream of water to clean your underparts.

The best bidet toilet seats have electric features to power life-changing features, like warm water, seat warmers, personalized settings and a night light.

Some seats also have the option of a dryer, which could make bathroom tissue unnecessary. If your seat does not have a dryer, you use a few pieces of toilet paper to dry yourself.

2. Why do people love Bidet Toilet Seats?

Bidet seats have many benefits compared to traditional toilet seats and here are some of them:

  • As mentioned above, with a bidet seat, you reduce or even eliminate the need for toilet paper, decreasing your spending on toilet paper by at least 75%.
  • Using a bidet is cleaner, easier and more hygienic than wiping with toilet paper.
  • Bidets seats have several health benefits, including reducing or relieving UTI’s and hemorrhoids,
  • Bidet seats are better than wipes. A good number of colon and rectal surgeons’ advice against the use of wipes. Many wipes contain drying agents like alcohol that cause itchiness and other issues.
  • Bidet seats make toileting easier and more sanitary for elderly family members and people with disabilities. It also offers toileting independence for persons with a condition that hinders their ability to clean themselves after using the toilet.
  • They are eco-friendly. Research shows that it takes 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water to manufacture a ton of tissue. With a bidet seat, you reduce the number of trees cut to make toilet tissue.

3. Do I Need a Plumber to Install a Bidet Toilet Seat?

No. Most bidet seats are designed to allow DIY installation and they are compatible with a majority of toilets. Some manufacturers offer DIY videos for easy installation.

4. Do I Need a Hot Water Connection for my Bidet?

No. Bidet seats only require a cold-water connection. You can just use cold water, or the high-end bidets seats have a heater. Most manufacturers provide a T-connection that you attach to the cold-water outlet. It allows water to run two ways. One goes to the toilet tank and the other one to the bidet toilet seat.

5. What Difference Does a Bidet Seat Make?

It makes a world of difference. A bidet seat will leave you feeling cleaner and fresher after toilet use. Many people report relief from itching, bleeding, and hemorrhoids after changing from conventional toilet seats to bidet seats.

The Bottom Line

Bidet toilet seats are a fantastic alternative to wiping. Lots of people report that they feel cleaner, fresher, and healthier after switching to a bidet seat. They are also eco-friendly, cost-effective, and ideal for the elderly and persons with disabilities. Do not be left behind in the bidet revolution — stop wiping, start washing.

Freedom Cascade Bidet Toilet Seat

When customers started asking us to carry bidet toilets to help them with care-giving, and independent aging-in-place solutions, we wanted to make sure we offered the best product.

Freedom Cascade Bidet Toilet Seats have so many amazing features that you will wonder why you wanted so long to make the switch. Here are some of the features:

  • Adjustable heated seat and
  • Instant water heater, with adjustable temperature
  • Extra-large remote control
  • One-button wash and dry setting or
  • Adjustable settings in temperature, position and pressure.
  • Remembers the last settings
  • Stainless-steel self-sanitizing nozzle
  • Sit-able lid, up to 300 lbs.
  • Oscillating and back and forth spray
  • Built-in deodorizer
  • LED night light
  • 4-year warranty
  • Free Shipping in USA*

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