When creating a safe and accessible bathroom for seniors, grab bars play a crucial role in providing stability and support for those with limited mobility or disabilities. Installing grab bars for seniors is a great way to reduce the risk of slips and falls in the bathroom. However, their effectiveness relies heavily on proper installation. If a bathroom grab bar isn’t correctly installed, it could pose severe risks for seniors using the bathroom.

At Freedom Showers, we aim to help you find the right products for improving bathroom accessibility and educate you with the knowledge you need for enhanced safety. Our accessibility professionals can help you browse our extensive list of shower grab bars to help you pick the ones that best suit your needs. Once you’ve selected the product, you can use the resources on our website or consult a professional contractor for safe grab bar installation.

Familiarizing yourself with the best practices for installing a grab bar in your bathroom will enable you to create a safe bathroom experience for your loved ones. Use the following guide to learn about installing shower grab bars with precision and care.

Choose the Right Grab Bar Location

Before getting your tools, take a moment to decide where each grab bar should be installed. Careful consideration is necessary to ensure that the bars provide maximum support. Common locations include beside the toilet, in the shower or bathtub area, and along walls where assistance might be needed. For accessible showers, it’s essential to place the bars in an area allowing seniors to use them when they enter or exit the shower to ensure safety. It’s crucial to identify areas where the user might need to brace themselves or maintain balance.

Use Studs for Secure Anchoring

To guarantee the utmost safety, try to find wall studs for installation. These are the structural supports within the walls that provide stability. Using studs ensures a bar can withstand the weight and force placed upon them. A stud finder can be a valuable tool for locating the studs accurately. If you are renovating down to the studs, it’s best to add wood backing behind the shower walls where grab bars are being installed, or where extra bars may be needed in the future.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Different products may have specific installation instructions provided by the manufacturer. These guidelines are designed to ensure proper usage and safety. It’s essential to carefully read and follow these instructions, as they can vary based on the type of bar you’re installing.

When you choose Freedom grab bars for the bathroom, the installation instructions will vary depending on whether you need them for home or a commercial facility. You can contact our expert customer service team they can guide you accordingly. Once you receive the guidelines and products, consider working with a professional contractor to save the hassle of installing the product yourself.

Consider Weight Capacity

When choosing bathroom grab bars for elderly, select products that can accommodate more than the weight of the individual using them.  Overloading a bar can compromise its integrity and effectiveness, leading to potential accidents.

Mind the Height

When placing toilet grab bars or shower bars, the height at which you install them is critical. Generally, grab bars should be positioned where the user can comfortably reach and hold onto them. A height of 33 to 36 inches from the floor is recommended for horizontal bars. For vertical bars, 18 inches from the corner of the wall is a good starting point.