As our lives become busier and more demanding, we feel the need for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Among the many aspects of self-care, taking a long, soothing shower is a delightful way to unwind and recharge. Your shower routine can also positively influence your health. However, a simple shower can pose challenges and safety concerns for those with limited mobility. That’s where the shower seat comes into play – a versatile accessory that provides comfort and ensures a secure and accessible bathing experience.

Choosing the right shower seat is crucial, as it can significantly enhance your bathing routine while addressing specific needs and concerns. Whether you’re searching for a shower seat to improve bathroom accessibility for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to consider various factors to make an informed decision. At Freedom Showers, we aim to help you get familiar with the different types of shower seats available so you can be confident in your decision.

Use this guide to choose the ideal shower seat that combines comfort, safety, and aesthetics, allowing you or your loved ones to savor every moment of your relaxing showers confidently.

What is the Purpose of a Shower Seat?

A shower seat serves the purpose of providing comfort, safety, and accessibility for individuals while showering. It is designed to offer a stable and secure seating option within the shower area, allowing people with limited mobility, physical disabilities, or those who tire easily to sit and bathe comfortably.

The seat enables individuals to conserve energy, reduce bathroom hazards, and facilitate independent bathing by providing a convenient and supportive platform for showering. A shower seat typically has sturdy legs or is mounted securely to the wall. This stability allows individuals to sit safely while bathing, reducing the risk of slips and falls when standing on a wet and slippery shower floor.

We carry a large selection of shower and bath seats to ensure you have a safe and comfortable bathing experience. Freedom accessible products are created with quality in mind, and our stainless steel frame seats can easily be folded up when unused.

Who Should Use a Shower Seat?

A shower seat benefits individuals needing additional support, stability, or convenience while bathing. It is particularly useful for:

  • Seniors who have limited mobility or balance issues,
  • Anyone with physical disabilities,
  • People recovering from injuries,
  • Individuals with chronic conditions that cause fatigue,
  • Pregnant women who experience dizziness.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Seat

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or making simple modifications, such as adding a shower with a seat, it’s important that you make an informed decision. Consider the following factors when choosing shower seats for your bathroom.

Residential vs Commercial Property

One of the first things to keep in mind when choosing shower seats is the type of property. We recommend our wall-mounted fold-down seats with or without legs for residential properties. For commercial properties, we recommend our L-shaped ADA compliant showers designed to comply with the Federal ADA guidelines (ADAAG).

Materials Used

When choosing shower seats, selecting the right material is crucial for durability and comfort. A great feature of our seats is that you don’t have to compromise style for safety, as our designer seat options come in teak, wood, phenolic white, white padded, and closed-cell foam.

Whether you’re installing shower seats for seniors or others in your home, consider your personal preferences, budget, and maintenance requirements to determine the best material for your shower seat.

Design and Style

The shower seat’s design and style can impact your bathroom’s overall aesthetics. Choose a design that complements your existing decor while providing functionality. There are various options available, including foldable, corner, built-in, wall-mounted, and adjustable shower seats.

Adjustable or folding shower seats are ideal for small bathrooms as they can be easily tucked away when not in use. Corner seats maximize space utilization and can be a great addition to larger showers.

Other great options are seats that are installed in place, such as built-in seats that offer a seamless look and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

You can also opt for our wall mounted shower seats, as they are versatile and adjustable, catering to different heights and requirements. Consider the available space, layout, and your personal preferences to find a design that suits your bathroom. Freedom shower chairs are ideal for handicapped accessibility as they are high-quality and are created with stainless steel frames. They come in different types of seat tops, and you can choose padded shower seats for extra comfort or durability.

Size and Comfort

Size and comfort are essential factors to consider when choosing a shower seat. A seat that is too small may not provide adequate support, while an oversized seat can make your shower feel cramped. Measure your shower area carefully and select a shower seat height and size that allows for comfortable seating without compromising mobility.

To ensure comfort, especially when choosing shower seats for seniors, look for features like contoured seats, backrests, and armrests that provide optimal support and relaxation during your shower time. You may want to choose our shower seat with legs to alleviate pressure points and enhance your bathing experience.

Installation Options

It’s important to consider the installation method for your shower seat, as this can vary depending on the type of seat. If you’re remodeling your bathroom to enhance accessibility and add a shower with a seat, it may be best to choose a built-in or wall-mounted shower seat. Installing a shower seat wall-mounted may require professional assistance.

Ensure that the shower seat installation meets safety standards and provides stability. When choosing shower seats for seniors, look for sturdy frames, secure brackets, and non-slip features to prevent accidents and ensure a secure seating experience.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Once you’ve considered all the essential factors associated with choosing shower seats, think about maintenance and cleaning. Adjustable shower seats made of plastic are typically easier to clean. On the other hand, shower seat wall mounted and created with teak wood may require periodic oiling or sealing to maintain their appearance and durability.

Another great option for those concerned about maintenance and cleaning is Freedom rolling shower chairs for handicapped accessibility with a lightweight design. This is the ideal option for caregivers as it allows for easier intimate cleaning, while the rolling ability helps transfer from toilet to shower. The tilt option allows the chair to recline, enabling a better experience for the user and caregiver providing bathing assistance.

Choosing a Seat with Freedom Showers

We offer a variety of shower seats to improve the bathing experience for anyone with accessibility needs. Our accessibility professionals are eager to help you choose the ideal product from our extensive list of high-quality, customizable, safe, and stylish shower seats.