Tile Ready Shower Pans

Barrier Free Tile Ready Shower Bases for Tile Showers

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Tile Over Barrier Free Shower Pans

There is nothing more luxurious and beautiful than a completely custom tiled shower. To accomplish this elegant look in your accessible bathroom, we offer a wide range of sizes of tile ready shower pans that are barrier free for aging, handicap or disabled bathers.

Tile ready handicapped accessible shower pans are made with an integrated drain and 6" splash walls.

These tile over shower pans are easy to install and are tile ready, i.e., ready to accept tile directly on the surface of the shower pans without the need for liners, mudding or hot mopping.

Barrier free shower bases save installation time and money.  You can install the shower trays and tile on the same day.

With our ready to tile shower pan you can have the designer look of a tile, marble or stone shower floor that matches and compliments the design of your barrier free bathrooms.

The tile over shower bases are leak proof and mold resistant and are UL listed and comply with local building and plumbing codes.

We also offer Tile Ready soap niches and benches to complete your designer shower for disabled and aging users.

Tile Ready Soap Niches & Benches

Add a tile ready bench or a soap /shampoo niche to your  tile ready shower pan.

Your bathroom shower can now have the same tile, stone, or marble as your shower bases.

Click here to see Tile Ready Benches & Niches

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