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Portable Wheelchair Showers for Home

Portable Accessible Showers provide barrier free bathing without the expense of remodeling. Portable Indoor Showers for wheelchair access offer full accessibility for disabled or elderly users. Read more...

Man getting help showering in temporary Portable Indoor Showers that is accessible to wheelchairs

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Portable Indoor Shower Stall for Wheelchairs

All portable shower models are shipped ready to use and include the frame, mounted pump, shower curtain, drain pan, shower head, faucet adapter, mesh storage bag, and hoses, including a 15' (QC) Quick-Connect water flow control shower head.

Our portable indoor shower stall can be set up easily in the kitchen, laundry room, or bedroom within 10-12 feet of a faucet. We know that some customers cannot afford the time or expense of remodeling a bathroom for handicap accessibility, but need a quick solution for a loved one. A temporary indoor shower stall is perfect for wheelchairs and can be set up quickly and then folded away with ease.

The portable shower exceeded our expectations! I was anticipating a long, complex assembly process, but it came preassembled. It's big enough to fit a shower chair with footrests but it's compact enough to fit in our small mud room space. It's so lightweight it can be quickly folded up and moved out of the way with minimal effort. - Brian T. - Cary, NC

Bathers simply rolled into the temporary shower stall in either a shower/commode wheelchair or a regular waterproof wheelchair. Once inside, a front support bar is lowered so that the fourth side of the shower pan can be attached for waste water collection. A front shower curtain may be brought around for independent bathing or can be left open for easier caregiver access.

Contractors have purchased these handicap portable showers for their elderly and mobility disabled clients, during bathroom remodeling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • The commercial grade pump removes the bath water from the Portable Shower at 2-3 gallons per minute through a drain hose. The pump comes attached to the back of the shower frame. The drain hose sits inside a mesh pocket on the floor of the shower and the suction cup clip attached to other end of the drain hose keeps it secure in your sink for safe drainage.

  • Portable Indoor showers are a great solution for someone who relies on a wheelchair or walker for mobility. In homes that only have a bathtub, if someone no longer feels confident or safe getting into a bathtub. If a home only has a bathroom or shower on a second floor and someone is unable to get up the stairs, than a portable shower can be set up close to a main floor faucet for temporary use.

  • Standard model is 28.5lbs, the heaviest model is the tall shower at 45lbs

  • The Portable showers are shipped fully assembled and do not require any tools to set up. The showers take less than 5 minutes to set up.

  • The shower comes with a 15 ft standard quick connect shower hose with a flow control shower head. It comes with a rubber gasket and universal adapter so you should have all the options you need to fit this on to your faucet.