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| By Hayley Cornelius | Accessible Home

Grab bars should be installed in every bathroom. Everyone has had a close call stepping out of your bathtub. Bathrooms are slippery. Installing safety hand rails in strategic places in your bathroom will give you a greater sense of security and help prevent falls. Grab bars can offer a number of key benefits that make […]

| By Hayley Cornelius | Health and well being

Tai chi is a unique form of fitness that came from ancient China, originally created as a form of self-defense. It’s more commonly used today as a way to bring the body and mind into harmony while keeping fit. While it may take some getting used to, tai chi is an ideal routine for seniors. […]

| By Hayley Cornelius | Health and well being

For some seniors, age marks not the passage of time, but a means to challenge the mind and body. The odds of living to age 90 tripled in the past three decades, with nearly two million Americans reaching that age in 2010. For some amazing seniors, reaching that milestone isn’t about sitting in the proverbial […]