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23" x 19⅛" Wide U-Shaped Folding Shower Seat, GRAY Pad

Model: APM4220P
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23" x 19⅛" Wide U-Shaped Folding Shower Seat, GRAY Pad

Model: APM4220P
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U-Shaped Shower Seat for Independence & Comfort

These high-quality fold up shower seats are made with sturdy stainless steel frames. The U-shaped commode seat is incredibly comfortable, topped with a closed-cell foam pad that's easy to clean. These sturdy shower seats have two swing down legs that easily adjust to any height between 15” and 25”.

Installing one of our foldable commode shower seats at home will provide a safer bathing experience for aging and mobility limited loved ones. Having access to a seat while showering is beneficial for those with balance issues, those who tire easily or for individuals who just want to sit while taking a shower. The U-shaped commode style allows for easier self-bathing and also makes it easier for caregivers to provide assistance, if required.

When properly installed, these high-quality fold up shower seats exceed the federal guidelines with a 558 lbs. weight capacity. Seats can be folded up against the wall when not in use, saving you valuable space.

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