22" x 16" Folding Shower Bench with legs, Phenolic Slatted WHITE

22" x 16" Folding Shower Bench with legs, Phenolic Slatted WHITE

Model: APCSD2216-NH-PH

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Model: APCSD2216-NH-PH

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Product Highlights:

  • 22" x 16" Foldable Shower Bench
  • White Phenolic Slatted Top
  • 4 Folding Stainless Steel Legs
  • 400 lbs. Weight Capacity
Product Overview

Product Overview

Folding shower bench seats (with legs) add comfort and safety to your bathing experience. Specially designed for seniors and those with mobility issues, these phenolic slatted shower seats are durable and easy to clean. The stainless steel frame has four folding legs which can support up to 400 lbs. when properly installed.

Handicapped Accessible Shower Seats that Fold

Installing a fold up shower seat in your home is the ideal solution for those with balancing issues, individuals who tire easily, or just want to sit while taking a shower. Seats can easily fold up against the wall when not in use, saving valuable space.

Folding Shower Seats Features:

  • 22” x 16” seat size
  • Height adjustable between 17”-19”
  • Durable white phenolic slatted seat top
  • Four legs, hinged to fold up
  • Stainless steel frame, with front access mounting flanges
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity


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