Freedom Alert Base Station and Pendant

Freedom Alert Base Station and Pendant

Model: APL35911

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Model: APL35911


The benefits of aging in place are many, and if there are tools and helpful systems that can help you stay living at home for as long as possible, we think it’s worth exploring those options. Peace of mind is an important factor for independent living as we get older. An affordable Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) like the Freedom Alert can provide an easy way to give you and your family the peace of mind that if “something” happens, you can get help or assistance at the push of the button.

Affordable Medic Alert System with NO Ongoing Fees 

The Freedom Alert is connected through your landline phone or VoIP line, and uses your telephone connection. So there is no activation fees or monthly monitoring fees.

World’s FIRST Programmable 2-Way Voice Emergency Pendant Communicator

The wearable pendant helps ensure that no matter where you are in your home, inside or out in the yard, if anything happens, you can get the help you need, even if it’s just the neighbor coming over to help you right yourself after a minor fall. You may not need medical help, just a helping hand. But if you suddenly don’t feel well and think you might be having a stroke or heart attack, you can push the button and ask the first contact to dial 911. Even if you can’t speak, they will know that you need help. *911 forwarding allows your personal contacts to press 911 on their keypad, so the system will hang up and dial the emergency operator.


Freedom Alert Features:

  • Calls friends and family and/or 911
  • Program up to 4 friends or family members
  • 911 forwarding*
  • 2-way voice emergency pendant communicator
  • Affordable one time purchase
  • No activation or monthly fees
  • Compatible with touch landline or most VoIP phone lines
  • Wireless coverage of up to 600 feet
  • Water resistant pendant
  • Voice prompted set up and test system
  • DECT Technology. Operation at 1.9 GHz give super clear voice quality
  • Approved in all 50 states and Canada (FCC & IC certified and UL 1637 certification)

System Includes:

  • Freedom Alert Base which connects to your phone line with
    • AC Adapter Telephone cord
    • 4 Rechargeable AA Batteries. Base battery life up to 24 hours of standby power in case of power failure
  • 1 wearable pendent with
    • 2 Lithium Ion Pendant batteries (one for pendant, and one to charge in base) Pendant Battery life: 4-6 months on standby, 1 hour of talk time.
    • Lanyard
    • Wrist strap
    • Belt clip

Options to add:

  • Emergency Wall Communicator – recommended for in the bathroom
  • Extra pendants for multiple users (Base system can accommodate up to 4 pendants)


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Installation (PDF) 20/02/2019 3.45MB
Quick Install Guide (PDF) 20/02/2019 3.07MB
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Contact reference card (PDF) 20/02/2019 66.61KB