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Bidet Toilet Seats
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Luxury class, aging in place Bidet

Easy to use, bidet seats can be installed on your existing toilet to provide a comfortable and thorough cleanse. Designed for aging-in-place and caregiver solutions for extra help in the bathroom. The complete wash and dry settings could eliminate the need for toilet paper. The Cascade 3000 bidet seat offers front and rear wash modes, and oscillating spray option moves the wand back and forth for more coverage so there's no need to move or adjust your position.

Equiped with state-of-the-art features to keep the wash water sterile, and automatically self-sanitizes the nozzle after each use. Instant water warmer, and warm air dryer provides a soothing and superior option for cleanliness. Choose from an elogated or round seat model to fit your toilet. 

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