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Having the option to sit down while having a shower will greatly improve your bathing experience. Wall mounted Freedom Shower Seats give you the confidence you deserve to retain your independence and live better.

Shower Seat Styles:

The wall mounted seats all have a quality stainless steel frame, and you can choose a wall supported seat for a sleek look, or a seat with folding legs for extra support. Most seats are available with a white, thick padded seat for comfort, or a phenolic slatted top in a white or teak color for durability.

ADA Shower seats comply with ADAAG requirements. We offer bench style or L shaped seats. For unique seating situations, we also offer bath seats, rolling shower commode chairs, and folding shower chairs with back and arms.

Folding Shower
Seats Prevent Falls

The wall mounted shower seats fold up and down, so they are available when you need or want them. For people transferring from a wheelchair, or those who just want the option to sit down, the shower seat will be there to support you.

You can add any style shower seat to your Freedom Shower purchase, so long as it fits well. Combine a shower seat with stylish grab bars for the safest way to shower.

The BEST SELLING SHOWER SEAT is the 24” wide padded white seat with legs. This model (APFSSB2-240150NW) fits into all Freedom Showers, and folds up when you don’t need it. Freedom multi-piece Showers have the wood backing in the walls that will support the wall mounted shower seats.

Model: APFSSB2-240150NW
$359.00 USD

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