60" x 31" Freedom Accessible Shower, Right Drain, 4-piece

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60" x 31" Freedom Accessible Shower, Right Drain, 4-piece

1" Barrier Free Threshold 5 Unit minimum order

US$1,545.00 US$1,223.00

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Product Highlights:

  • Economical Accessible Shower for Replacing a Bathtub
  • Freedom 60" x 31" Accessible Shower
  • 4-Piece for Remodelling, Right Drain
  • Barrier Free Shower for Renovation Projects
Product Overview

Product Overview

For the most efficient bathtub to shower remodel our popular Freedom Showers are specially designed for adaptability and wheelchair accessibility. The economical 4 piece Freedom Shower is backed with a 30 year warranty, offering the best quality and value in our market.

Freedom Showers for Assisted and Senior Living

The 60” x 31" barrier free shower will make showering safe and comfortable for residents, whether they are living independently in senior living or in assisted living. This model is available in quantities of five or more for large projects.

Designed for quick, easy installations, Our wheelchair accessible showers are available with either a left or right hand drain location to minimize your plumbing requirements.

The walls of the Freedom Showers are fully reinforced, providing sturdy, support for easy installation of grab bars and other available accessories. 

Accessible Shower Features:

  • Outside Dimensions: 60”w x 31”d x 82”h
  • 4-piece for remodeling
  • 1” barrier free threshold
  • Self-supporting and pre-levelled shower base eliminates mud setting
  • Encapsulated wood backing on walls for accessory installation
  • 6” Tile pattern, easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish
  • 2 molded soap ledges
  • Textured slip-resistant floor
  • Right drain location (Left available)
  • Made in America
  • 30 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Code Compliance:

  • IPC International Plumbing Code
  • UPC Uniform Plumbing Code
  • ANSI Z124.2 Standards for Plastic Showers
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association)
  • NAHB
  • HUD
  • FHA

Available Accessories:

  • Color upgrade to Bone or Biscuit
  • Collapsible water retainer with end caps
  • Folding padded shower seat
  • Caulkless drain
  • Straight grab bars
  • Corner shelf grab bar
  • Shower rod
  • Weighted curtain
  • Pressure balance mixing valve
  • Hand-held shower and slide bar
  • Flange trim kit
  • Semi-permanent threshold adapter


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