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62" x 33" Freedom ADA Roll In Shower, LEFT

Model: APFQ6233BFF875L
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62" x 33" Freedom ADA Roll In Shower, LEFT

Model: APFQ6233BFF875L

Shower stall only

Perfect for your project our ADA Roll-in Shower ensures accessibility with a 60" x 30" dimension, meeting ADA requirements. Easy installation with pre-leveled base and 7/8" threshold. Create a flush entrance with finished flooring. Reinforced walls for enhanced strength. Added convenience and compliance with factory-installed folding seat and grab bars. Ideal for commercial projects. 30-year warranty included.

  • build Handed by Seat wall, 1-Piece, New Construction, (60" x 30" ID)
  • time 2-3 weeks manufacturing time
  • america Made in America

Shower stall only

The Perfect ADA Code Compliant Shower For You

Freedom Wheelchair Accessible ADA Code Compliant Shower have a 60” x 30” inside dimension to comply with ADA requirements. One-piece ADA compliant showers are specially designed for new construction projects.

The handicapped accessible shower stall has a 7/8” threshold, and a pre-leveled shower base, making installation simple and quick. Install finished flooring up to the same threshold height to create a completely flush wheelchair shower entrance. Fiberglass roll in shower stalls have smooth walls, and are finished with a durable, easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish.

Fully reinforced walls provide structural sturdiness added installed accessories. Order with a factory installed folding shower seat and grab bars to meet ADAAG guidelines for an ADA compliant roll in shower. A great choice for completing commercial projects, Freedom Showers are easy to install, which simplifies your construction project. Freedom ADA showers come with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty.


For smaller quantities reference model number APFQ6233BFF875L

For large projects (truckloads) reference model number APF6233BFF875L

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