62¼" x 38⅛" ADA Linear Drain Roll In Shower, Right Seat

(Shower stall only)
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62¼" x 38⅛" ADA Linear Drain Roll In Shower, Right Seat

Handed by Seat wall 1-Piece, New Construction (60"x 36"ID)
Model: APFXST6238LD1.125R

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(Shower stall only)

Model: APFXST6238LD1.125R

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Product Highlights:

  • Freedom ADA roll in shower
  • Integral front linear drain
  • 1-Piece for New Construction
  • 30 year warranty
Product Overview

Product Overview

Freedom ADA Roll in Showers with linear drains have a 60” x 36” inside dimension to meet ADA requirements. The innovative pre-molded linear drain prevents water from escaping onto the bathroom floor. The 1 1/8" threshold is designed for  flush shower entrance designs and may need to be recessed to meet ADA requirements, or you can build the bathroom floor up to within acceptable height.

ADA Compliant Trench Drain Roll in Shower

One-piece roll in ADA showers are perfectly designed for new construction projects and are easy to install. ADA handicapped accessible showers have a pre-leveled shower floor that is sloped towards the drain. ADA Fiberglass showers have a large subway tile pattern, with durable, easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish.

The walls are fully reinforced for added accessories and sturdiness. Order a factory installed folding shower seat and grab bars to meet ADAAG guidelines. Complete your ADA compliant roll in shower with recessed soap dishes, plumbing fixtures and more. Simplify your construction project by choosing Freedom showers for large projects, senior living or assisted living facilities. For peace of mind, Freedom Showers come with a 30 year manufacturer's warranty.

ADA Linear Drain Shower Features:

  • Outside pocket dimensions: 62¼”w x 38⅛”d x 78¾”h
  • Inside dimension 60” x 36” x 76¾"
  • ADA compliant when properly installed
  • 1-piece for new construction
  • Integral front trench drain, with stainless grate
  • 1⅛" skirt exterior threshold
  • Handed by the Right Seat side
  • Self-supporting, pre-leveled shower base
  • 12" x 24" subway tile pattern
  • Easy-to-clean applied acrylic finish
  • Textured slip-resistant floor
  • Full reinforced backing
  • Made in America
  • 30 Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

Available Accessories:

  • L shaped padded Folding Shower Seat (factory installed)
  • Grab Bars (factory installed)
  • Shower Rod (ships loose)
  • Weighted Curtain
  • Pressure Balance Mixing Valve
  • Hand-held Shower and Slide Bar
  • Caulkless Drain
  • Large recessed soap dish (shipped loose)
  • Small recessed soap dish (shipped loose)

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